Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's here: the NEW McDLT!

I was just saying to my friends, I'm tired of lettuce and tomato hamburgers in this town that don't "quite make it" (and I think you know EXACTLY what I mean by that, don't you Good Burger?!). And then I saw this commercial today! A beacon from heaven, here from God to show me the true path of sandwich enlightenment!

We're not talking Mac Tonight or Ronald ice skating or the weird Birdie and Grimace commercials, we're talking about keeping your hot hot (mmmm, I LOVE a hot bun soaked with grease, it's the "good soggy") and your cool cool (it's appalling to think of the garbage filled with warm, limp veggies).

By the way, great idea putting the cheese on the "cool" side. Nothing I like better than a firm piece of government grade dairy stuck completely unmelted between veggies.

Thank you McDonalds! You've read my mind once again!