Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ohhh, that's what happened to you...

Seriously, this is the mascot for Saint Mary's:

Isn't that the guy from White Lion? So that's what happens when Hair Bands die, the members become college mascots or Reality TV "stars."

Was this EVER cool?:

PS. for a really poignant moment of the day, stare at that mascot pic while the music video plays.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We adopted a English Bulldog on Sunday.

I now realize we have welcomed a homeless man into our house.


1) He smells terrible. No, not a typical "oh I just got a whiff of something pee-pee like" bum... we're talking clear the subway car, I'm going to throw up, seriously my nostrils are burning boxcar hobo. You know the kind: a crowded train comes by and then a glimmer of hope, a car with almost nobody in it and tons of seats. You step on, and a sledgehammer of stink slams you in your olfactory nerve.

2) Just hanging out on a Park Bench

3) He just hangs out and sleeps all day. He's got no job, he pees on the sidewalk, and I'm pretty sure he'd eat garbage if I let him.

4) Sleeping on a cardboard box (so cliche)