Monday, November 02, 2009

Office Farts

It never fails, every time I've farted in an office situation a female co-worker decides that's the appropriate moment to ask me a long winded (no pun intended) question. I had been sitting at my desk without one person talking to me ALL DAY, I finally rip one and then this gal decides it's time to talk to me about the new Avatar trailer. I couldn't care less about the trailer even if I wasn't surrounded by a green cloud.
I call this the Gaseous Murphy's Law. If something bad can happen in my pants, it will and everyone will catch me.

Any stories yourself?

Some recent headlines:

Balloon Boy was a popular costume this Halloween. Interestingly, the Heene's dressed as a NORMAL family.

Adam Lambert and his boyfriend have split up. Of course this means a new reality show staring Lambert and Gosselin: Kate Plus Dead-weight.

Jay Leno says he'd return to The Tonight Show if NBC asked. Hey Jay, no one's asking!

Today's Video-Exercise isn't always worth it:

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