Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brett Favre Headlines

Brett Favre has decided to retire at the end of each game and un-retire the Saturday before the next. That way he can set the record for most retirements AND not miss Family Guy.

Brett didn't retire because he's tired of playing, he just loves going-away party cake!

Every time Brett retires he remembers why he keeps coming back to football: millions and millions of dollars.

Sure football is hard on the body, wears out the soul, and beats down your psyche but it's still better than being nagged about taking out the trash.

Even though Favre has broken nearly all quarterbacking records during his exemplary career, he keeps returning to pursue something that has eluded him all these years: breaking a hip on the gridiron.

Brett found out that his broadcasting future isn't as bright as he hoped. TV can only take one backwater redneck throwing around inane pregame commentary and Terry Bradshaw has that on lock down.

Favre wants to come back because he found out this out a couple weeks ago: when he gets hurt mowing his lawn, they don't carry him off in that cool golf cart.

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1 comment:

Abbi Crutchfield said...

"...millions and millions of dollars." LOL!

Letterman was right the first time when he apologized with humor. Unfunny apologies are for funerals.