Friday, July 10, 2009

Bo Knows!

Every kid has a favorite baseball player. Mine: Bo Jackson. Everybody knew his name, his look, his attitude. He rivaled Michael Jordan in coolness. We all wanted to be like Bo.
I had a Topps Bo Jackson rookie card (I'll tell you how I got it in next Monday's post). I told everyone on the bus I had it but when they saw it they laughed because it had frayed edges and wasn't "worth" anything. Trust me, it was worth more than a crisp card with straight corners. I took it everywhere and always wanted it in my pocket. Sure I could have kept it sealed in some container, but the joy came from knowing I had it and touched it and played with it. Funny thing, when he got hurt and his career was cut short, all those cards ended up being worth nothing anyway. Only the memories are valuable.

Abbi wrote, "Babe Ruth, for mastering the game before steroids were invented. Oh, and Lou Gherig too, for being eloquent, poised and brave in the face of illness. Oh and Joe DiMaggio, partly for being married to Marilyn Monroe but mostly for looking like Jerry Orbach. I loved Dirty Dancing."
Hmmm, do think it's telling that Abbi picked all white players, and I picked a black one? Maybe she never heard of Willy Mays or Jackie Robinson. PS. Way too many Yankees there. I hate the Notre Dame, Duke, the Yankees, and the Devil himself--in that order.


GM has already ended its bankruptcy. Don't worry GM fans, they be back to losing money in no time.

Dante Stallworth was released from Jail today. Michael Vick kills dogs-gets 2 years in prison. Stallworth killed PERSON while high and drunk and gets 24... DAYS! Welcome to America.

NFL wide receiver Dante Stallworth was released after serving 24 days in prison. He said, "I have learned my lesson. Prison is horrible. Next time, I'll hide the body."

Dante was released after serving 24 of a 30 day sentence cause 3 and 1/2 weeks is enough punishment after killing a man.

Jim Carrey is set to become a grandfather. Nothing we look forward to more than granddad talking from his anus.

Remember it?

Monday: Have a grandma memory? Put in today's comments. Monday I tell you mine.

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Abbi Crutchfield said...

Your grandma was Bo Jackson?

My grandma memory: We always entered her house through the back door, into the kitchen. I never realized it wasn't the front door. She always had a bubbling casserole of hot macaroni and cheese waiting. That's a good person right there.

Anyway, I was going to say Hank Aaron, who hit 755 home runs (as taught to me by a Dixie Cup, Peanuts series). Besides, you picked a football player.