Monday, July 13, 2009

Grandma Fry

I used to visit my Grandma Fry a couple times a year. She lived in a super small town in Illinois call Salem. She ate at the same few restaurants ever week. One of those places (I don't remember the name but I do remember it had a big chicken on the sign) sold baseball cards at the checkout. I talked my mom into getting me a pack of Topps. It was 1987 and in the pack was a Bo Jackson rookie card. Very few memories have the privilege of having a date attached.
Her favorite place was Little Egypt Pancake House. I like it too because it had an arcade machine that had 10 Nintendo games on it--my favorite being Mike Tyson's Punch Out. Even if my mom wouldn't give me any more quarters to play, I'd watch the screen demos. Hey, it was that or sit and watch Grandma gum her tuna salad.

Today's headlines:

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo break up days before her 29th birthday. Rumors are already swirling that Romo wants to hook up with his ex--Terrell Owens.

Molly Ringwald had twins this weekend. Is it wrong that I hope the father is Judd Nelson?

Jon Gosselin seen with new girlfriend in the French Rivera. No better way to show how committed you are to your kids than taking off to France with a 22 year old.

Jon Gosselin was seen with a 22 year old in France this weekend. Jon, you're supposed to take your children to Euro Disney, not your mistress.

Sotomayer is in confirmation hearings today. The one person who wants her confirmation even more than she does: Horatio Sans. He's been looking for a reason to return to SNL for years!

As you watch this video, think about at 8 year old fat kid dumping quarters into it at Little Egypt:

Tomorrow: Sarah Palin's getting hit hard by her former-future-son-in-law. What's your thoughts? Put them in the comments and I'll talk about it tomorrow.


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