Saturday, July 04, 2009

Fat is here to stay!

I can't believe it. Today a new study came out saying obesity rates have RISEN in half of the states, and have fallen in NONE in the past year. This is after all the talk about eating healthy, putting calorie counts on menus, and getting rid of things like hydrogenated oils.
Guess what, in 20 years, this country is going to be big. REALLY BIG.
On the plus side, if you're overweight now just wait and stay the same, you can be the skinny person in the future!


Ron Artest has signed with the Lakers this week. Ron Artest plus Los Angeles: recipe for success. Did I say success? I meant a horrible failure plus several felonies.

This week a teacher accidentally sent out a DVD of her having sex to her elementary students. She received a stern rebuke from the school but huge support from the children's fathers.

America has gotten more obese in the last year. In response, TV networks have dedicated all the fall lineup to weight-loss reality shows or competitive eating programs.

Here's our future:

Monday: What's your favorite movie? Are movies still good, or are they getting worse (Transformers). Leave your thoughts in the comments and I'll talk about it Monday.


G.H. said...

haha. love it. reminds me of this video

Abbi Crutchfield said...

My favorite movie is Clue. No Steel Magnolias. No Leonard Part VI. Ah, I'm too late anyway.